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What is forest school?

‘Forest school. is essentially outdoor, nature-based communities where a qualified forest school leader focuses on the holistic development of the participants and in developing communities that are collaborative.  It is facilitated by a qualified forest school leader on a long term basis

who through close observation of each individual child and mentoring, offer different experiences that can help each child to learn more effectively while fostering traits such as resilience, independence, confidence and emotional intelligence that will support the learner throughout their lives.

 Within this framework, the participants are given ownership over their journey to follow their interests and develop their own learning at their own pace. To fully embed learning, develop a sense of community, and a greater sense of connection with nature. Forest School sessions take place with the same group, on a regular, long-term basis.

Typically children will attend forest school sessions six to 12 times a year, ideally throughout the four seasons.

The opportunity and freedom to make their own independent choices within play also gives children the space to be themselves. 

In developing a sense of community, the leader will facilitate effective communication, collaboration, empathy and teamwork. Forest School is based on the process of learning rather than on the content of the sessions, encouraging a spontaneous engagement with nature and venturing into the world of the unplanned with all its unlimited and unexpected discoveries. This combination of factors and of actual experiences in nature are key to creating a collaborative community, building self-esteem and developing learning that sticks over time, as well as encouraging a greater sense of connection to nature and an understanding of a shared sustainable future - all of which make Forest School so effective. 

The Forest School Association website has a lot of information and links to some nice articles about the history of Forest School and of outdoor education in the UK.

Do we go out in all weathers?

Mostly. apart from high winds in the woods because of the danger of falling branches.

What if it rains?

Children are requested to be appropriately dressed for the weather such as waterproofs and waterproof shoes (see what to bring). The trees provide a natural canopy and we use tarpaulins to create more shelter if necessary.

Are the children provided with lunch?

No children need to bring a nut-free packed lunch and their own water bottle.

Do the children need to be toilet-trained?

Yes, children will be escorted to an on-site toilet by adults but they need to be able to manage going to the loo by themselves.

Do parents attend

No not unless the course specifies

Are staff DBS checked


What if my child is sick

To avoid disappointment, please do not bring sick children to the club,  as staff may, for the comfort of the child and the health of the group, refuse admission at drop-off.

What if I'm late 

Please ring to let a member of staff know as soon as possible.


Once your place is confirmed, we will not let it be used by anyone else and will make sure we have the correct staff and equipment. On that basis, we have to make sure you understand the fees are payable even if you or your child/ren are sick, or not able to attend for any reason.
Under exceptional circumstances credits and refunds will be given at the owner’s discretion otherwise the fee is non-refundable under any circumstances whatsoever

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